Roulette or blackjack? Top 5 Most Popular Gambling Games

Roulette or blackjack? Top 5 Most Popular Bitcoin Casino Gambling Games

Black Jack Gambling Games

Roulette or blackjack? Top 5 Most Popular Bitcoin Casino Gambling Games

Do not be alarmed, another word of foreign origin in translation from English means only “black jack”, and in our area blackjack is known as one of the variations of the popular Online Gambling games “twenty-one” or “point”.

Digital blackjack works in exactly the same way as “real”: the player only needs to beat the dealer and collect the maximum number of points for this, which should not exceed 21.

Depending on the size of the bets, you can choose a virtual table and join the game. Next, you will be dealt two cards, while the dealer has only one open card.

After that, the player can ask the dealer for one more card or stay during his deal. When all users make such a decision, the dealer will reveal his cards, thereby determining the winner. As the famous song says, in this game nothing can be worse than “by eleven – ace”.


Known to many gamblers by the name of the national lottery of the same name, Keno is one of the oldest known number games in history.

Its meaning is to choose a combination of any 20 numbers from 80 numbered balls.

The more numbers a player matches when revealing balls in the final of the game, the more his winnings will be.

In keno, the player can specify how many games he plans to play, and each of these games will be multiplied by the amount of the bet. Have you ever tried crossing out lucky numbers and getting a reward for it? Then now is the time.


Of course, any online casino simply cannot exist without the most popular gambling dice game. According to legend, Craps’s homeland is New Orleans, which, as the even more famous song says, “killed a lot of unfortunate guys.”

Craps is a multiplayer game where the goal is to predict the combination of numbers (points) that will appear on two hexagonal dice.

Instead of the dealer, the game is played in craps by the banker, who throws two dice and calculates the amount of points on them. If 7 or 11 points are dropped on two dice, the banker wins the first time, which is also called a “pass”.

After the pass, the banker must pass the dice to another player clockwise, and if he rolls 2,3 or 12 points, he automatically loses, which is called a miss-out.

Thus, to win, the player (banker) needs to throw a point twice in a row – dice with points 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10. If the first time the banker threw a point, and the second time 7 points, he loses and passes the dice to another player.

Players can bet on a win in the first or second roll (win), on getting 2,3 or 12 points in the first roll (lose), on 6 or 8, on a loss or on a combination of seven numbers at once (2, 3, 5 , 9, 10, 11).

The greater the likelihood that the bet will win, the smaller the winnings will be received by the player who made it. So don’t expect to win a lot by constantly betting on seven numbers at once.


Roulette or blackjack? Top 5 Most Popular Bitcoin Casino Gambling Games

As in conventional casinos, electronic slot machines remain one of the most popular entertainments and, in principle, a symbol of gambling.

The essence of the slot game is extremely simple: depending on the type of slot machine, the player must start a reel or sections of several cells and wait for a certain combination of symbols.

The desired “sevens”, “cherries” or any other identical symbols are the indicator of victory in the game of slots.

As in all gambling games without exception, the key to success in slots is the player’s luck and his ability to take risks by raising rates, as well as to stop in time. It is noteworthy that it was slot machines that brought one of the biggest winnings in casino history.

Roulette at Bitcoin Casino

Roulette or blackjack? Top 5 Most Popular Bitcoin Casino Gambling Games

If slot machines are considered to be the symbol of any bitcoin casino, roulette is rightfully called one of the oldest gambling games. Roulette continues to be hugely popular in modern bitcoin casinos.

The classic type of this game is French roulette: the word “Roulette” itself is French, and it translates as “wheel”. Despite this, today there are several varieties of roulette, including American and European.

In all of these games, the user needs to place his bet on one of the 36 sectors of red and black colors, as well as the 37th green sector, which means zero or “zero”. In American roulette, for example, there are two zero fields.

Players can bet on a ball on a specific color, even, odd or specific number. Depending on this, their winnings will be distributed.  Many players try to use math to calculate the pitch of the wheel, but no one has yet succeeded in cheating their luck.